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Hey There

Every since I can remember, I've loved stories.

My favorite are the ones that make me think. That take me on a raw journey of pain, hope and redemption. That are real without becoming depressing. That weave in truth without becoming preachy.


I write the stories I want to read. 

All About Me

Raised to love reading, it was only natural for me to experiment writing stories of my own…and there I discovered my passion for storytelling.


Having written more than a dozen novels since the age of ten, I found my happy place in historical fiction. I love diving into random historical events that catch my attention… and then being inspired with new book ideas! A fun evening for me would be camping out on the floor with a stack of encyclopedias, a notebook and a couple mugs of chai tea.


Alongside my writing, I run a cake decorating business called I Caked It where I enjoy expressing my creativity in frosting and fondant. 



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